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School Information

Our school mascot is a tiger, and school motto is "Be Safe, Be Kind, and Do Your Personal Best!"


At Taylor Elementary School, we work closely with educational partners throughout the school, community and district.  We analyze student performance data on an ongoing basis in order to refine practices and provide the best possible education for our students. 

With ongoing data and feedback collection, Taylor Elementary School continues to compel us to reflect and identify the impacts that a year-and-a-half of distance learning had on our school community.  These impacts continue to influence our school community as students have returned to the second year of in-person learning.  Social and emotional learning continues to be a priority, as students' emotional needs have increased due to distance from their peers.  Our top goals, actions, and strategies continue supporting our student's social and emotional well-being and developing their sense of safety and connectedness within a positive school climate.  Knowing that a student's social and emotional state directly impacts learning, this continues to be our top priority at Taylor for the coming school year.